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At 99Widgets we create widgets for you to make your own. You can create them and adapt them to your website, customize them however you want, embed them in your site, and even share them with no restrictions. We are a different type of Widget Network. We cater to social platforms, but in the end, our widgets are whatever you make them. We are here so that you can make your web page, blog, or social networking profile exactly the way you want it.

By using our widgets, you allow the smaller content providers to monetize their services. Several content providers in the UK are actively trading cryptocurrencies to make an extra income. Thus, along with earning money through their contents in their website, they can also find some additional income. But fraudulent activities around crypto exchanges are increasing in the country. So traders have to choose the best crypto exchange UK for safe trading. You are creating an atmosphere where the web is accessible to regular people like yourself and your friends, and you become a part of a revolution aimed at taking web ownership back from the media giants. With our widgets you and everyone who visits you can take back what is yours. You can set up a place to interact and be entertained, and in the end, make your website a better place. The best part is that all our products are quick to implement, easy to use, and always entirely free.

99shoutbox 99shoutbox - Flash Shoutbox
99counters 99counters - Flash Counter
99chats 99chats - Flash Chat
99polls 99polls - Flash Poll
99stats 99stats - Traffic Analyzer

1. 99shoutbox
Shoutbox is a chat window that offers users the ability to record their own voices. No registration necessary means it can be anonymous, but introduces an element of human contact to the chat experience. Visitors can leave messages and let themselves be heard the way they want to. No more misunderstood inflection. Unlike what you get in a pure chat environment, meaning and emotion come across perfectly. You can receive voice messages directly without the need for a separate machine or service. This is a fully integrated system that you can customize to suit your needs.

2. 99counters
If you need detailed data about your web traffic, 99counters is for you. With 99counters you can create highly customizable counters to go on your website, blog, or social networking profile. The counters you create work the way you want them to. They can be fun to look at or unobtrusive. Most important is that they instantly provide either you or your visitors with highly detailed data. Do you want to know where your visitors come from? Do you want your visitors to know how many others are there at the same time as them? Then 99counters is for you. It is entirely free and designed to work exactly the way you want it to.

3. 99chats
Simply and efficiently solve a basic need with 99chats. You have a website, a blog, or a social media site and you need something more than a comments section. You need a place where visitors can exchange thoughts and ideas at once. You need a chat room. This is not a simple one on one chat client. This is a fully integrated chat solution that you can customize to your site with prebuilt themes. You can get right into the nitty gritty to make it seamlessly fit with the look and feel you worked so hard to perfect. 99chats is a simple and elegant solution. We even take care of the hosting. Did we mention it is free? You can use it however you want, wherever you want, and make it yours in whichever way you need.

4. 99polls
Sign up and within minutes you can set up custom surveys and polls that you can embed into your website, blog, or social networking page. If you need information of opinions there is no faster, better, or cheaper way to get it. This is perfect if you need to do market research, gauge interest in a new product, need data, or just want to ask your visitors how they think you're doing. It is a powerful system that is easy to use and gets fast results. You can customize your polls to your exact specifications. You can seamlessly fit it to the look and feel of your site. And, unlike other such solutions, it is absolutely free. You can use it however you want without worry.

5. 99stats
You're running a website or a blog and you need statistics. You can go to other vendors, but the complexity makes other solutions too difficult to use. All you need is data and you need it now. With 99stats, you're up and running in three incredibly easy steps. All you need to do is sign up, insert the code to your site, and start collecting data. That's it. You're up and running in a matter of minutes and the information starts rolling in immediately. You'll quickly know how many visitors you've had; which keywords they used to find you; you'll know which pages are most popular and how long visitors stay in each one; you can even find out where your visitors are from; which browser they're using; which operating system they're on; and the list of data points just goes on and on.

Many Finance and Stock app users instal this type of widget since they have a high number of daily visitors and it helps them gather statistics to learn about their tool's popularity. This widget has been placed by a large number of users on the website of the Bitcoin gemini vergleich app, the best crypto exchange on the market. Why share this data with large third parties when you can gather it all yourself? The tool is free, it's easy to use, and will put powerful data at your fingertips so that you can quickly react to trends and generate even more traffic to your site. Use 99stats to spot trends and create fresh content that will attract more readers to Your Website. Gain rich insights into Your Website Traffic so that You can optimize Your marketing effectiveness. Sign Up for an account and get all the Stats You need for Your Website today!

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